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Middle School & High School



Watersprings School is an Early Childhood Education through 12th grade private, Christian school with over 420 students. The current enrollment of secondary (grades 6-12) students is approximately 140 students. Founded in 1997, the school is a ministry of Watersprings Church with a student body representing multiple churches throughout the local area.

Mission Statement

Partnering with Christian parents, Watersprings School provides a Christ-centered education built upon a biblical foundation of love, truth and discipline and trains students spiritually, academically, physically, and socially for a lifetime of glorifying and serving the Lord. 

Grading Scale

90-100        A          4.0

80-89          B          3.0

70-79          C          2.0

60-79          D          1.0

Below 60    F           0.0

Grading Period & Schedules

The school year is divided into trimesters. Middle School students have seven class periods daily. High School students have six class periods daily. Class periods are slightly shorter on Wednesdays to accommodate weekly chapel. School hours are from 8:15 am 3:30 pm.

Average Number of Students

Middle Schoolers per Grade-22

High Schoolers per Grade-16


From among the school’s sixteen faculty members, seven hold degrees above a bachelors. Our secondary principal has 13 years of administrative experience. The average student to faculty ratio is 10:1.

Standardized Testing

Each year, high school students take one or more of the following grade level assessments – PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, PSAT NMSQT, ACT and/or SAT.

Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Courses

•    Calculus
•    Understanding the Times (Bible)
•    Anatomy & Physiology

Juniors and Seniors may take additional dual credit/dual enrollment courses as approved by the Guidance Department.