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Social Media

At Watersprings School we provide many ways for you to learn about and share all the good that the Lord is doing through our school, students, staff, and families. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share what the Lord is doing for your child at Watersprings School!


Refer-a-Friend Program

At Watersprings School, we believe word of mouth is the best means of conveying our mission of raising Godly young men and women. Therefore, we offer a Refer-a-Friend tuition incentive. For each student enrolled in K5-12th, for a full year, we will discount your tuition by $250. (The tuition incentive is pro-rated according to the months enrolled). This will be in addition to scholarships, financial aid and multiple student discounts. Please go and tell a friend today! Please click here for the Refer-a-Friend form.