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Watersprings School Athletics

Watersprings School has won both team state championships and individual state championships. In the classroom, our student-athletes have also been working very hard with 3 academic state championships since 2014. This combination of excellence in athletics and in the classroom is one of many things that makes Watersprings a special place.

The success that Watersprings athletics has had over the years is due to the commitment of our student athletes, first-class coaches, and supportive fans. To be a student athlete at Watersprings School requires a great deal of time and energy to balance the academic load with the time required on the field or on the court to excel.

Our high quality coaching staff has earned multiple league and state-level Coach of the Year recognitions while our parents, teachers, administrators, and fans are passionate supporters of Watersprings athletics, playing an important role in the success of our programs. While winning games is a high priority for our athletic department, learning valuable life lessons through the participation in sports is the ultimate goal.

We believe that participation in sports closely models life itself and provides an opportunity for kids to grow and mature into adulthood. Some of the lessons our student athletes are taught through participation in sports include: teamwork, commitment, discipline, servant leadership, hard work, toughness, sportsmanship, perseverance, and sacrifice.

Sports at Watersprings School serves to build young men and women of character while preparing them for the journey of life ahead.