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At Watersprings School we believe in giving students the opportunity to learn how to mentor and lead not only their peers, but also students . We want to fully equip our students to step out into the world and make a difference in the lives of others.

Associated Student Body

Our High School students have an opportunity to serve on the Associated Student Body (ASB). ASB is devoted to serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and our Warrior family. With humble leadership, ASB will strive to create a school environment that fosters participation, unity, and school spirit in an effort to bring glory to the Lord. 

The purpose of ASB is to develop responsibility, leadership, and school spirit.
  • To encourage godly behavior, student initiative, and respect among the students and staff.
  • Nurture amity and cooperation among the students among this and all neighboring high schools.
  • Support student activities and provide information to incoming students.
  • Provide opportunities for the training of student leaders. 

All students who currently meet the eligibility requirement and are enrolled full-time at Watersprings School will be considered eligible for an elected position.


Students and adults serving ice cream to others.
High School students reupholstering chairs.
Middle school student reading to preschool students.
Middle School boys picking up garbage.
Students dressed up in tie dye apparel.
Students standing to receive awards.
High school students showing elementary students how to dribble a basketball.
High school students greeting elementary students.
Students serving ice cream.